Our commitment to

Environmental, Social,
and Governance (ESG)

We strive to embed leading ESG strategies across our business so we can enhance value for our partners, reduce environmental impact, deliver healthy and resilient spaces for our tenants and communities, and provide an engaging workplace for our employees.

At EcoStockFx, we create value by creating spaces where people want to be – where our tenants and the surrounding communities can thrive. We aspire to be at the forefront of the sustainability agenda by embedding ESG strategies and practices across our investments, developments and operations.

As responsible owners, we hold ourselves to high standards of accountability, governance, and ethics. Our objective is to provide meaningful spaces for tenants and communities, strive for environmental stewardship, and nurture a unique culture and work environment that supports and advances our team members, while creating long-term value for investors and partners.

Bozena Jankowska

Head of ESG

“We continue to raise the bar on sustainability across our business and pursue new and innovative ways to add further rigor to our ESG approach.”

Bozena Jankowska

ESG Strategies

  • Cities and Communities Impact Infrastructure Strategy
  • European Essential Real Estate Strategy

Cities are a leading contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, creating an urgent need for sustainable solutions to address the environmental challenges we face today and into the future.

EcoStockFx invests in sustainable assets and technologies that support enhanced energy efficiency, carbon reduction and renewable energy production in our global cities and communities.

Combined with EcoStockFx’s real estate owner and operator experience, insight into property level challenges, and commitment to ESG integration, impact infrastructure investing is able to generate a real-world positive impact by applying the technologies we invest in across EcoStockFx’s portfolio.

EcoStockFx manages and invests in essential real estate assets throughout Europe.

With a focus on ESG integration and promotion of environmental and social characteristics, the European essential real estate strategy is a core example of EcoStockFx’s approach towards the integration of ESG into its investments.

A detailed ESG integration roadmap lays out the key commitments and actions for our investments, focusing on four material aspects: climate change, environmental impact, engagement with tenants and stakeholders and oversight of ESG risks and opportunities.